— Student project

Type of project: 6 weeks student project (production of a shoot ’em up).
My roles: Game design, Programming.
Made with: Unity (C#).
Platform(s): Windows, macOS.
Year: 2017.
Team: Thomas Giro & François Candela (programmers), Michel Cougnaud (3D artist), Danton Slip (2D artist), Malo Dalmier (game designer), Jonas Dutouquet (game designer), Sara Jaafar (UX/UI designer), Aurélien Demey (sound designer), Mathieu Cibat (producer).

Kill ennemies to get hack power, hack ennemies to increase your multiplier!
The more you hack, the more you score!

In BUG, you play as a computer virus infiltrating a biomechanical city corrupted by bugs. In this frenetic shoot ‘em up, you must hack your ennemies to get their abilities and destroy them. Progress through the level and survive waves of insectoids !

My work on the game
  • Defined the game concept and the main game loop: hack enemies to take their abilities; the more you hack, the more frenetic the game becomes.
  • Designed the game mechanics: hack, scoring and combo system.
  • Balanced enemy characteristics depending on the combo level.
  • Worked a lot on polish effects for a satisfying experience.

Published by Jonas

Level designer at Ubisoft Bordeaux

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