It’s Paper Guy!

— Student Project

Type of project: 3 month student project (production of a 10 minute fully playable game experience).
My roles: Game design, Level Design, Programming.
Made with: Unity (C#).
Platform(s): Windows, macOS.
Year: 2018.
Team: Thomas Giro (Programmer), Malo Dalmier (Game designer), Jonas Dutouquet (Game/Level designer), Jeanne Prigent (2D Artist), Marc Enciso (Sound designer & Composer), Mathieu Renard (Project manager).

Feel-good game for children of all ages, It’s Paper Guy! invites you to explore a world entirely made of paper, full of life and cuteness, and to cut it as you please!

Discover the cute hand-drawn aesthetic of Paper Guy’s lively world, solve simple puzzles, and enjoy the innocent pleasure of cutting paper!

Main tasks
  • Determined the vision and intentions of the team for the game.
  • Translated the vision into gameplay: designing a feel-good game.
  • Technical storyboards of the game progression and the overall level design.
  • Level design in Unity: build the scenery, set up the assets’ location and scripts (NPCs, cuttable elements…).
  • Designed the cameras using Cinemachine: over 60 cameras to make a fluid sequence-shot punctuated by cutscenes.
  • Asset-lists with the 2D artist and the sound designer.
Secondary tasks
  • External communication (Twitter, Facebook).
  • Submission to international events (IGF, Ludicious, Ping Awards…).
  • Designed and coded (html/css) the website for the game.

You can learn about my work on the game in more details here.

It’s Paper Guy! was a 2019 IGF finalist, category Best Student Game.

Published by Jonas

Level designer at Ubisoft Bordeaux

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